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Aquatic Habitat Canada is a national network focused on helping governments, local communities, Indigenous organizations, industry stakeholders and conservation organizations to more effectively protect and restore healthy and resilient aquatic ecosystems.

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Promotional Poster for "Indigenous Partnerships in Aquatic Habitat Management and Restoration", hosted by Aquatic Habitat Canada.

Save the Date! Aquatic Habitat Canada’s Learning and Engagement Dialogues resume in January 2022

AHC will continue our webinar series with an exciting event highlighting Indigenous-led and co-led initiatives in aquatic habitat management, protection, and restoration.  Your participation would be a welcome addition to this learning forum! 

Visit Eventbrite for more details and to REGISTER NOW!

In many cases, we know enough to implement effective and evidence-based restoration efforts for salmon https://tinyurl.com/23uvkb34 Perspectives on salmon restoration in new review paper by @FisheriesRobert et al. @ICES_ASC @NORCEresearch @NINAnature @NINAforskning @kwvollset

A good news story, and a reminder that we really can restore rivers: Native Sturgeon, Paddlefish and more steadily returning to Minnesota rivers after dams removed. https://www.startribune.com/minnesotas-river-giants-steadily-returning-after-dams-removed/600121408/ @americanrivers @rivernetwork @TroutUnlimited

REMINDER: The deadline for early registration fees to attend the CCFFR-SCL 2022 conference in Vancouver is this Wednesday Dec. 1, 2021.

Here is the link to register:


🧰 The Wright's Creek Watershed Environment Committee restores the health of Andrews Pond, adding in a fishway, or graded waterway for fish, like #BrookTrout to use to swim upstream to spawn!

@ChtownPE #GenerationRestoration #FishPassage

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Wave Two Announced: DFO's Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program is ready to undertake the next round of engagement.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is seeking input on their process to modernize and/or develop new policies, frameworks, instruments, and guidance to continue implementing the Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Provisions of the Fisheries Act. Register at talkfishhabitat.ca to receive their latest updates.

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