Un réseau national
pour la conservation
et la restauration des
habitats aquatiques


Habitat aquatique Canada est un réseau national dont le but est d’aider les gouvernements, les communautés locales, les organisations autochtones, les intervenants de l’industrie et les organisations de conservation à restaurer et protéger davantage les écosystèmes aquatiques sains et durables.

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My first first-author publication is now out in Biological Conservation 🥂🎉 This collaborative effort between researchers and practitioners is just one small contribution to reversing the global decline of freshwater biodiversity. Access it here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0006320722000866?dgcid=author

After many years of work our paper highlighting “bright spots” in the context of hydropower and inland fish is now out and Open Access!
🐟 ⚡️

We synthesize fishy best practices for hydropower siting, design, construction, operation and compensation…


[email protected]__jreid presenting on The Toolbox for the Biodiversity Crisis, emphasizing it takes a village of co-authors to tackle such a “wicked” environmental problem #CCFFRSCL2022

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