Un réseau national
pour la conservation
et la restauration des
habitats aquatiques


Habitat aquatique Canada est un réseau national dont le but est d’aider les gouvernements, les communautés locales, les organisations autochtones, les intervenants de l’industrie et les organisations de conservation à restaurer et protéger davantage les écosystèmes aquatiques sains et durables.

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#TerminologyTuesday! Post-assisted log structures (PALS) are simulated log jams pinned by posts. This low tech, process-based stream restoration tool adds structural complexity to degraded streams. That's good for fish!

📷: Radiant Creek, AB

#Canadaswater #LTPBR #TUCanada

By recognizing #OECMs, we can support #Indigenous and local communities in their ongoing efforts to manage their lands and seas - be it for hunting, fishing or other cultural practices - while conserving nature 🤝🌊🌳

Learn more about potential OECMs from around the world:


The Nova Scotia Salmon Association (@NSsalmon) is working to recover multiple aquatic at risk species through a large scale habitat recovery project in the Southern Uplands region of #NS

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