Do You Have an Aquatic Habitat Success Story to Share?

Learning from others is an invaluable tool for most project managers. Please share with others your successes (and challenges) to help them achieve their own aquatic habitat project success.

Please describe a successful project focusing on one or both of the following topics:
1. An aquatic habitat restoration project
2. How to bring together multi-stakeholders for an aquatic habitat restoration project (successes, challenges and/or lessons learned)

Below is a success story template. You are welcome to provide as many stories as you wish. Please include any photos, articles or videos (web links or actual media files).

    Provide a project title and the year(s) that the project occurred.

    Describe the project. Include the following, if applicable:

    • Geographic location in Canada

    • Specific aquatic habitat type

    • Specific aquatic species

    • Cause of the issue

    Describe the actions taken to improve or resolve the problem. Mention any partnering organizations.

    What results have been observed since action was taken? If you measured results, please describe.

    Include a website link to the project, if applicable.