Un réseau national
pour la conservation
et la restauration des
habitats aquatiques


Habitat aquatique Canada est un réseau national dont le but est d’aider les gouvernements, les communautés locales, les organisations autochtones, les intervenants de l’industrie et les organisations de conservation à restaurer et protéger davantage les écosystèmes aquatiques sains et durables.

The Cataraqui Conservation Lake Protection Workbook is a self-assessment tool that helps property owners living along shorelines understand how their actions might be affecting their lake and provides helpful tips on how to improve the natural environment. http://cataraquiconservation.ca/pages/lakes

The loss of oxygen in the #ocean is increasingly disrupting ecosystems and threatening top predators such as tuna, marlin and sharks.

Discover the causes, impacts and solutions to this growing problem http://ow.ly/K6HZ50Bz0iY #ClimateAction @IucnOcean

This spring, our #MSATeam is preparing field programs like our Juvenile Atlantic Salmon Assessment, where we estimate the number of salmon fry and parr in our #MiramichiWaterways. #Electrofishing #NBWTF #DFO

Join esteemed Indigenous leaders Dr. Ronald Ignace Stsmélqen and Sophie Pierre for this very special joint keynote presentation on the importance of salmon, language, & culture in building relationships and sustaining life. Register now:


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