Toronto Waterfront Aquatic Habitat Restoration Strategy (TWAHRS)

Goal: To develop and achieve consensus on an aquatic habitat restoration strategy that will maximize the potential ecological integrity of the Toronto waterfront.


The TWAHRS Strategy strives to create a more sustainable waterfront by using an ecosystem approach to increase ecological integrity, to provide suitable conditions for the maintenance of self-sustaining aquatic communities and to improve ecological connectivity. The Strategy emphasizes conservation design based on native and naturalized species. It takes into account human uses of the shoreline and nearshore waters and it was developed using a consultative, consensus-based approach involving stakeholders and the general public.

TWAHRS has a wealth of information on the current conditions of the Toronto Waterfront and provides design suggestions for different types of habitat works in different environments. The strategy is very useful for proponents involved in aquatic habitat restoration on the Toronto waterfront.

Example Restoration Technique: Inner Harbour Treatment

Habitat Type: Sheltered Embayments Vertical Walls
Compendium of Habitat Techniques
Compendium of Habitat Techniques